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No sir, just another spin on reality with the out of the blue injections of insecurity, over-reacting and assumptions.IMHO, what bothered me the most was Ji-An giving DK back his necklace and berating him.

Starting over, after mistakes, is such a great theme, and this series exemplifies that very well! Hi, all my golden life lovers...drama will remain as the best in history and for me, I will and can never forget this drama. It was ridiculous he needed to be penniless for a time. Thumps up just finished epi 9 and this drama is too lazy for me its too slow and predictable i am a little disappointed cuz i expected much more from this its not living up to the great ratings it boast so far i skipped a lot nevertheless i didnt missed anything substantial that means the writer is putting a lot of bull out there if this thing dont improved dramatically in the next 3 or 5 epi i will pull the plug i mean sayonara, au revoir, hasta la vista baby, chao, concurrently im watching another 10 dramas so i dont have time to waste only the ones that i like survive oh well I am glad I didn't pay attention to the comments and finished watching this.While the father's slow demise, and its effects on the family and the overall drama, was expertly acted, I found myself wishing the writers had handled this part of the series a little more succinctly and sensitively, as there are many of us who have lost loved ones to cancer and know all too well what a draining and life-altering experience that can be for an entire family.I expected her love for Do-Kyung to win out over any justifiable grudge she might have held against his family.I believe it was reasonable, after all their shared experiences, to expect her, over time, to soften emotionally and allow her relationship with Do-Kyung to continue, given all they had overcome to reach that point. The cast was amazing and delivered memorable performances, easily making this one of the best Korean dramas I have seen.

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