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Your e SIM based Io T solution will remain highly secure, reliable, and globally relevant.

Io T-X is fully scaleable and can be deployed on premise or in private or public cloud, and via API's is simple to integrate with any mobile operator in any country worldwide. Our solution means that MNOs can cost effectively manage e SIMs on their network and have control over, and visibility into, data transiting on their SIMs when operating on another mobile network.

Io T-X is available for Connectivity Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators & Enterprise clients.

The Io T-X e SIM Orchestration Platform is designed for Mobile Network Operators & Enterprise/OEM clients requiring multi-country cellular connectivity.

APIs are fundamental to the agility and flexiblity of Io T-X, facilitating rapid deep integration without invasive disruption.

Io T-X is the leading e SIM and Connectivity Orchestration Platform.

This is a powerful and valuable solution and tool set for MNOs to retain customers that seek multi-country Io T connectivity on multiple cellular networks.

MNOs are now able to offer trusted e SIM based connectivity to OEMs, consumer appliance manfuacturers, enterprise clients and government organisations, rapidly and cost effectively to a defined Qo S.

It is modular and available for on-premise or (public or private) cloud deployment.

Io T-X handles all the processes throughout an entire e SIM lifecycle.

Formerly Oberthur and Morpho, Idemia technology takes care of the secure key elements of the downloadable e SIM profile.

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