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Security is enhanced in that no original can be “lost in the mail” by a 3rd party such as the United States Postal Service.

Turnaround time from the moment a customer begins the e-recording process until the return of the processed document is usually less than one business day.

The number and types of property records has expanded over the years to cover more than 34 different types of documents: deeds, deeds of trust, warranty deeds, oil / gas leases, bills of sale, deed restrictions, homestead designation, power of attorney, releases, and many more.

Customers utilize 3rd party software such as ERX, Simplifile and others to submit documents for recording.

Commonly called e-recording, (no paper is handled by Deputy Clerks) the process is all “inside” computer systems.

This is our newest on-line database to which we will be adding more documents daily.

In addition to real property records, there are Bills of Sale, Contracts, Livestock Brands, Federal and State Tax Liens dating back to the beginning of Taylor County in 1878! When a document is certified it has the same legal effect of the original.

Within a year of taking office, current County Clerk Larry G.

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