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People wanted to read about the wild journeys, the sea tempest, the reckless pirates they fought, the death and the danger they must have encountered. Majority of the pages simply had 5 words: “This day, we sailed on.”.

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If you depend on wild romance, all night sex [ha], romantic cruises, wild parties, compulsive moves across continents, tempestuous fights and make up sessions to be happy, you may be disappointed. But please don’t marry somebody and then punish them to live with your childish ways for the rest of their lives .The “boom twaff” moments are still there, but they are normally punctuations to the 'usualness' of living. If you are not ready for that demand, don’t get married!!! Advice for Men, Advice for Women, Canadian Travel, columns Dating Advice, Creative Life, dating, Dating Advice, Dating Advice for Men, Dating Advice for Women, Dating Advive, Dating Love, Dating Over 40, Girl Stuff, Guy Stuff, International Travel, Lean In Girl Stuff, Life, Life Lessons, Mature Dating, Meaning of Life, on-line dating, Professional Women, Relationships, Romance Dating, Singles, Travel, Travel Advice, Travel Guides, Travel Writers, Travel Writing, Uncategorized, women, Women's Issues, Women's Issues, Women's Rights, Working Women again. Because giddy is my inappropriate nervous reaction. As I look around my hotel room, I see a sight that only a busy, single parent of an active teenager could smile at.Don’t Get Married If you’re not ready to delay gratification when your are angry. In marriage you don’t lose yourself but your heart has to be big enough to gain someone else. If you are not ready to let go of your opposite sex “best friends” and invest that into your spouse. If you are not ready to stop competing with the Joneses…. Let the Joneses buy their yatch when you are still walking, and enjoy the walk. They may have to cross the oceans but you may be going through the road route. You must be ready to pace yourselves: stop competing, stop spending your future before you get there, stop the debt, stop trying to impress people. To enjoy your journey without deciding your happiness simply by measuring your progress against other people. To tell the whole story of your past, deal with the memories, expose the failures and risk rejection…. It is fraud to have someone sign off their life to you without the full details. It will mess up the “neat” and “all together lovely” image that you are struggling to maintain.To hold your tongue, lower your voice and sometimes wait till the appropriate time, day or even month before you can deal with an issue thoroughly…. Immaturity is the inability to delay gratification. If you’re not ready to leave center stage and allow someone else to become your focus, your study, your muses… And soon, with God’s blessing: little, crying, diaper soiling, demanding little ones are coming! To like, to laugh, to play, to be silly and to enjoy life with them, above anyone else… Affairs happen because people did not marry their best friends. If you are not ready to let go of your philandering and wild oats farming…. Don’t take somebody’s son or daughter and subject them to your germs, your indiscretions and your 'chips fungaz'. It’s romanticized in the movies, it’s being fronted as the only “realistic” way to stay married and keep the fire burning.You have to learn to thrill in gentle smiles, loving hugs, knowing looks, cozy moments, shared chores, cute babies, everyday work, dreaming together, praying together and simply living together. A childish baby is cute but a childish adult is extremely frustrating.

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